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Brass fittings, forged components, fasteners,precision turned components Electrical components, molding inserts, sanitary fittings and earthing components

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15 years of industry

We have a reason to build a worldwide brand because of our expertise manufacturing products of the highest quality for local consumers.


ORICON IMPEX is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company based in Jamnagar (India) offering engineering solutions for forged, casted & precision machined turned Parts with best quality at a cost effective prices to industries worldwide!

Our roots are planted back in 2004 with a small manufacturing unit. Since then, we are carrying forward this legacy as a professional manufacturer in the development & manufacturing of Precision Metal Components.

Our Advanced


In-house foundry for Brass rod production, intensively maintaining material grade

Forging Unit: 50MT to 250MT forging presses, Hollow forging press and add-ons.

Machine Shop: High-speed single-spindle automatic lathes capable of producing precision Brass components to customer specifications, as well as CNC turning, turn-mill, and vertical machine centres, hand-operated turning, boring, and threading machines, Cam-operated single-spindle machine and many special purpose machines.Micro-level dimensional tolerances are measured using inspection equipment. According to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards instruments are regularly calibrated and maintained.Material grade testing and confirmation using a spectrometer machine.

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Vision, Mission
and Value

We operate under the philosophy that "Everything is Achievable" if we commit ourselves to everything while maintaining a positive atmosphere in our workplace. With the help of available technology, we constantly strive to keep ourselves updated and upgraded. We work with the mindset of doing work for the sake of doing work with something better

Our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction by providing timely delivery and high-quality components at the lowest possible price. Our mission is to motivate people to learn something new and do good every day by spreading knowledge and collaborating as a group. One of our most important objectives is to contribute to this field in any way possible to achieve the 0.0 percent rejection theory in mass component manufacturing.

We always prioritize quality over quantity and also always find a way to increase quality production. Cost is more important than quality, but the quality is the best way to save money, we believe. Every small detail matters to us, and we devote ourselves to every minor detail by focusing on quality in everything we do with proper documentation. We believe in exceeding our customers' expectations by providing more than they expected

With over 15 years of experience,

Our team has gained extensive knowledge in the manufacturing of metal components, every employee, from the Director to the technician, has extensive knowledge of their field, and the organization is successfully running a business that is now in its third generation thanks to their collaboration. The team is skilled in both quick and precise product development and personalized product development based on the customer's needs.

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