Brass Fittings

Oricon Impex Image

Brass pipe fittings are typically used for carrying water, chemicals, gases, slurries, and other plumbing substances. Pipe fittings made of brass come in a wide range of shapes and thread sizes to connect, adapt, or control any liquid or gas in pipes.

→   Brass Compression Fittings
→   Brass Flare Fittings
→   Brass Hose Fittings
→   Brass Air Brake Fittings
→   Brass Pipe Fittings
→   Brass Garden Fittings
→   Brass Push Fittings
→   Brass Valve Fittings
→   Sanitary Fittings
→   ISO metric (MM Threads)
→   Inches Threads
→   UNEF Threads
→   NPTF Threads
→   NPT Threads
→   BSP Threads
→   BSPT Threads
→   UNC & UNF Threads
→   Any Special Threads as per customers’ requirements
→   Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or
→   Free Cutting Brass As Per BS 249 Type (I) or
→   Any Special Brass Material Composition As Per Customers Requirement
→   Natural Brass, Chrome & Nickel Plated, or Any Coating As Per Customer Specification
Use With:
→   Copper Tube
→    Brass Tube
→   Aluminum Tube
→   Working pressure up to 2000 psi with a 4:1 safety factor depending on tube size.
Temperature Range:
→   65° F to 250° F with metal tube.