FWIW @user_d59cf4 the reason you got an ETF is because you broke the contract, not Comcast. Your contract should have stated the reasons why you would receive an ETF. @ajeeva500 If you have been under contract and have moved to an unserved area, you are the one who is effectively breaking the contract. In accordance with your contract, you will be charged an early cancellation fee. @user_625194 how is this unethical? You [global] have accepted and signed a contract, and that contract sets the fee for early termination. In fact, if you are in a contract and cancel all services, you terminate the contract, not Comcast, which still maintains its end of the contract, so you will have to pay a penalty. The same applies to any contract. You buy a car, sign a contract for as much payment per month and when you stop paying, the car is repossessed. You buy a house and sign a mortgage and pay as much per month. When you stop paying the mortgage, the house is foreclosed. A contract is a contract and there are penalties for breach of contract. Again, I ask, how is this unethical? What happens if you are not under contract, move and the move to an unusable area takes place.

Are there ANY ETF fees? That`s what happened to me too. I`ve had Comcast for years. I moved to an area that Comcast doesn`t serve in December 2020 and even tried to stream the service, but couldn`t do it at my new location. I was told in a chat that the early cancellation fee would be waived, and then I received it in the mail instead of the expected credit. I`ve called Comcast so many times to fix the problem. I just received a letter from the collections in the mail after another call. I am amazed at how this company has treated me. Don`t trust sales communications and avoid Comcast as a whole if you have to move. It was a terrible experience for me. In September 2020, I called Xfinity to inquire about upgrading my internet service from my current 25 Mbps without a contract. I was offered a 150 Mbps service to upgrade from my 25 Mbps for $50/month.

The representative told me it was a contract. I replied that I could not sign a contract because I was moving from Florida to Georgia in a few months and the new address was not usable. He specifically told me that since I`m moving to an address that can`t be served by Xfinity, “there would be no early cancellation fee.” I asked again and he confirmed again that there would be no early cancellation fee. With this assurance, I agreed to move forward with the new service contract. I moved for work in September. I called a month before to start the process. Three different representatives told me that there was no charge because I had moved because of work. On e Rep, I had to take a letter from my work when I returned the equipment.

To my surprise, I received an invoice for an early cancellation fee. I had several calls to discuss what the officers were saying. After several calls, I was told that the fee would be waived. The customer solutions representative even sent an email. They sent me another bill. They went all the way to a debt collection agency. Really, the rehearsals should be trained to all have the same script. Worst service at all. Wouldn`t go back if it was free. [Edited: “Flammable”] The easiest way to determine the amount of your ETF is to plan for the number of months you have left in your agreement around $10. For example, if you still have 7 months left, you will have a $70 ETF.

Or, if you have 16 months left, you`ll have a $160 ETF. You can find out how many months you have left in an agreement by viewing your agreement via your “My Account” online profile and viewing the start date of your plan. To find the contract or legal agreement you are looking for, simply visit Legal Agreements and Contract (comca.st/3bH6AWT), under the Settings tab of My Account and you can see when the agreement started and when it expires. Xfinity is a complete lie! I moved into my new home and transferred the service on December 23, 2020. I cancelled the service on January 19, 2021 because it was EXTREMELY BAD at my new location, although I called for technical support when I disconnected the service, the customer service representative never told me that I had to pay the early cancellation fee, in fact she told me that I was exempt from this fee, because I resigned before January 23. My xfinity account didn`t show any amount due after that and to my surprise, I just received a collection notice from IC System, which I described as a complete waste of time, as the representative told me that the system recorded that my account was interrupted on December 1st (False) I HAD TO PAY $105.15 BECAUSE I WON`T WASTE MY ENERGY AND TIME ON IT, DISPUTE THESE FEES. So anyone who sees this review can know that Xfinity does this kind of thing with customers. Very unethical! We are moving to South Carolina, where Comcast has no services.

I read that Comcast will always try to charge you an ETF, although you can`t transfer the service to a new home. This is something that needs to be investigated because it is not legally within their right to do so. Companies like Lifetime even know this and allow you to get out of contracts if there`s no gym nearby. Two months later, it`s time for me to move and I go to my Xfinity account, try to transfer the service to the new address and get a message that there is no service there, and I continue to cancel the service directly on the “Service Transfer” website. [Edited] wtop.com/consumer-news/2021/02/comcast-to-delay-data-overage-fee-waive-contract-cancellation-charges-amid-pandemic/ you have entered into a contract with Comcast/Xfinity and this agreement informs you of the early cancellation fee. If you move away from Comcast`s territory, you are the one who is effectively breaking the contract, not Comcast, so the ETF is valid. I signed for an Xfinity connection with a 2-year contract in June 2021. I told the Xfinity store agent that I needed to move to my new home within 3 months, he said my connection could be moved without interruption. Now that I`m getting ready for the move, Xfinity has confirmed that my new address is outside their service area, so I suggested contacting another ISP.

When I asked Xfinity to cancel my service, the agent told me that they could not waive the early cancellation fee because I am required by law to pay that fee even if I move to an address outside the coverage area. The same is mentioned in my legal contract. Why should a consumer be penalized for not having service coverage for Xfinity? Legally, I am required to pay this termination fee, but ethically, does Xfinity represent as a company? Hello @user_f61b77, please contact us with this request. We`ve put in place many new processes and added more coverage for families during this difficult time to help everyone stay connected for work, school and more. We certainly understand your situation, I know first hand that it`s not just fun and games when you have to get back to your life and start from scratch in a new area. With the Early Cancellation Fee (ETF), the fee is only charged if a subscriber terminates the account before the contract expires. This would involve moving to an area that is not within Comcast`s footprint. You can find these details in your contract, to access your contract you can log in to your account online or through the Xfinity My Account app. Please feel free to contact us here if you have any further questions or concerns. We just moved to West Virginia because of the pandemic.

Xfinity/Comcast doesn`t provide any services in our area and they charged us an ETF!! However, I will still be charged a cancellation fee for termination if this is completely out of my control? I would have brought my internet with me if I could, but xfinity itself says the service is not available here. Legally, this doesn`t seem to be correct, and customer support has been of no help in explaining the situation. .